Module 4: REVIEWS

Things move fast in the Cryptocurrency and Digital Asset space so it's important to DYOR (Do Your Own Research). In this section we're going to take a look at the best ways to make YOU an informed investor. 

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1 hours 16 minutes

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Q: What are the Key Areas to evaluate to determine a crypto projects viability?

A: There are 5 BASIC areas to consider: 

1. WHITEPAPER - Look at the projects website, find the whitepaper and read the SUMMARY or ABSTRACT. Is the paper THOROUGH or does it look RUSHED like it was completed in an hour? What are the crypto projects USE CASES?

2. TEAM - Look at the teams background to see if they have a good balance of experience in management, developers, marketers with past success. 

3. FINANCIAL BACKING - Do they have deep pockets funding their project? This implies BIG companies have also done their research and are backing them. 

4. ACTIVITY - Look at their GitHub page to se if they are OPEN-SOURCE and actually LAUNCHED the project. Also look at the activity in their community social media sites. 

5. LIQUIDITY RATIO - Daily Trading Volume divided by Market Cap. Video example was THETA which was: 

Market Cap: 750,755,003 divided by

Daily Trading Volume: 98,775,255

= 8% (Aim for AROUND 10%)

Video Time Stamp: 03:21 - 09:26

Q: What are the 3 Methods for DYOR?

A: There are 3 ways to research: 

1. Manual - This is where YOU put in the time and work to determine a projects viability. 

2. Use Ian's A.I. site called Token Metrics. 

3. Combination of BOTH. I personally like to get AS MUCH information as I can before I invest because there is nothing worse than investing in a project and finding out it's WORTHLESS!

Video Time Stamp Manual Research: 3:21 - 9:26

Video Time Stamp Token Metrics: 13:55 - END

Q: What did Ian learn from his mistakes of the 2017 ICO craze? 

A: That people can game the system and there are SCAMS everywhere. There are a LOT of things to consider before jumping in as an investor into ANY crypto project so DYOR and when you think you're done, do MORE!

Video Time Stamp: 10:40 - 13:35

PROJECT REVIEW: World Mobile Token!

Q: What is the purpose of the Air Node?

A: Creates internet service and cellular service in a mesh network in order to get these services that also include education and healthcare that all exist on the blockchain. World Mobile backs these Air Nodes up.

Q: What is the long term benefit of these Air Nodes?

A: To help the unbanked skip the mess of fees and costs that bank push on its customers and move them straight into transactions with the blockchain. This means they can run their businesses through the nodes to have access to information form the internet, loans from online banking, and the ability to keep track of their businesses’ credit.

Q: What is an Earth Node?

A: It works similarly to Theta. You become the big enterprise as an Earth Node operator. The Air Nodes earn rewards through transactions, and you earn rewards for those transaction on the blockchain as well as the inflationary benefits of the token.
BEWARE: if this interests you, get in EARLY. These transactions will be DEFLATIONARY over time
You will secure WMT (World Mobile Token) as an operator.

Q: What is the Market Cap for WMT?

A: 2 Billion Tokens

World Mobile Token UPDATE 8/2022 

Q: Does World Mobile have a working product ?

A: Yes but it is in the first stages. The project is looking to branch out and cover MILLIONS (billions) as time marches on. 


A: It's a global mobile network that is built on the Cardano blockchain that aims to connect the unconnected using land and aerial assets.

Time Stamp: 00:52 - 1:33

MELD - Crypto Banking - Project Review

Q: What is MELD?

A: The bank of Cardano!

MELD is a decentralized loaning platform

Time Stamp: 0:24-0:31

Q: How does MELD work?


-MELD gives you a loan for fiat

-You use your crypto as collateral for the loan for 2x more than your principle value. For example: if BTC is at $50,000 and you needed a loan for $50,000, you would give MELD two BTC as collateral for the loan

-You pay no taxes for the loan! You would make monthly payments for the principle and interest (which will sit at around 2-3%)

-Keep earning your yield on the BTC!

Time Stamp: 1:34 - 4:15

Q: What is an ISPO? 

A: Initial Stakepool Offering

Time Stamp: 4:19 - 4:30

Q: How does the ISPO function? 

A: You would stake your ADA through Yoroi or Daedalus wallets. The rewards earned from the stake would then be used to directly find the MELD operation, but in return, MELD will airdrop you $MELD right before the point of sale.

Time Stamp: 4:57 - 5:15

Avalanche - Project Review


A: $AVAX is the native token of the platform. The Avalanche token secures the network, enables staking, and a myriad of other services on the platform.

By staking $AVAX, you also help protect the network with their PROOF-OF-STAKE system.

Time Stamp: 2:10 - 2:30

Q: What makes AVALANCHE special?


-you have the ability to launch Ethereum dApps to process thousands of transactions per second.

-you can customize your blockchain for public or private use (depending on what you need Avalanche for)

Time Stamp: 3:15 - 4:17

Q: Who does AVALANCHE serve? 

A: DeFi customers (like you and me) - PUBLIC

and Institutions, Enterprises, and Governments - PRIVATE

Time Stamp: 4:47 - 6:18

Q: What are the different aspects of AVALANCHE? 


1. PUBLIC blockchain use

2. PRIVATE blockchain use

3. NFTs

Time Stamp: (full video)

How to Stake AVALANCHE

Q: Why Stake Avalanche?


-Your $AVAX stays in your wallet where you have TOTAL CONTROL over what you do with it.

-When you stake your $AVAX, you're helping secure the network (Proof-of-Stake)

Time Stamp: 1:00 - 2:15

Q: How Do I Set Up the Wallet?

A: (link provided below the video)

- create your wallet and set up your private key. (DO NOT share this information with anyone!)

-$AVAX exists on the:

   + X-Chain - to be traded

   + P-Chain - to be staked

   + C-Chain for smart contracts and to pay for gas

So depending on how you intend to use Avalanche, the next step is to copy the respective chain's address into your exchange of choice (where your $AVAX lives) then transfer your desired amount!

Time Stamp: 3:00 - 7:45

Gensokishi Online - Play-2-Earn Crypto METAVERSE


A: It is a P2E (play-to-earn) Metaverse game where users can earn NFTs, purchase land in the metaverse, and in-game equipment.

The in-game equipment is what is used to create the NFTs.

Time Stamp: 2:20-3:40

Q: What TWO tokens can players buy/earn?


The Multiverse (MV) token - the token with utility, the governance token. MV can be found on Uniswap, Quickswap, and Pancakeswap by the end of this month (December 2021)


ROND - the in-game currency token

Time Stamp: 3:40 - 3:56

Q: Which blockchain platform will Gensokishi use?



WHY is this such a big deal?

Because the FEES ARE LOW.

Time Stamp: 12:00 - 12:29

EVERDOME - Project Review

Q: What UTILITIES does Everdome offer?

A: To start, it is a immersive VR MetaVerse play where users can earn/buy elements of its: 

Gaming, Fashion, Medicine, NFTs, Social Media, VR/AR, and MetaVerse functionality.

Time Stamp: 2:41-3:43

Q: What's the exciting special offer from Everdome?

A: They pay YOU to scan your body and real-life objects into the game that you remain a part of

STEP'N - Move-2-Earn

Q: What is STEP'N?

A: STEP'N tracks your walking - it's easy! The more steps you take, the more STEP'N you earn. As you earn more, you have the ability to earn NFT's and other rewards, just for walking.

Time Stamp: 02:44 - 04:08

Q:  What is a Lock-Up Period?

A: It is a pre-planned period of time where coin holders cannot sell their token. This prevents any random liquidities and promotes more people to buy more of that token to strengthen their supporter base.

Time Stamp: 13:02 - 13:48

SWEAT COIN - Move-2-Earn

What is the importance of this community?

This community is a ONE HUNDRED MILLION+ people STRONG! When projects have a huge support such as this one, this looks promising as a sign of longevity and vitality. Projects with huge communities will continue to GROW, making this a good long-term investment choice*

*NOT financial advice! If SweatCoin works for you and your portfolio, great, but it is by no means a must.

03:25 - 7:39

What is Step-2-Earn?

That's easy! Utilize the FREE SweatCoin app to track your steps and earn the SWEAT token! 

This token can then be used to purchase other goods, can be used for staking, etc

What makes SweatCoin unique?

The promise of growth. SweatCoin is ACTIVELY spreading their partnerships to include your favorite brands! They currently have over 600 partners and that number will continue to grow!

New airpods just for walking? Sounds like a win-win to me!

And, Ofir said, "You can't lose your life savings from walking". Could not have said it better myself.

The FAME MMA Token

Q: What is FAME MMA?

A: It's an exclusive fighting ring for high-ranking celebrities to attend the fights hosted by FAME. By doing so, the object is to help promote and popularize the FAME token. 

The point here is to ensure the FAME token powers the entire FAME MMA ecosystem. It's set up to truly be the toke that does it all.

Time Stamp: 01:30 - 03:10

Q: What is the UTILITY of the FAME token?


The final evolution is to exclusively use FAME token within the ecosystem. All fiat will be directly converted into FAME.

With this intention, the goal is to bring in non-crypto users into this space to offer a comprehensive system of not only understand crypto, but being a part of this space, too.

Time Stamp: 3:40 - 3:56

AAVEGOTCHI - The DeFi Piggybank Play-2-Earn Game


AAVEGOTCHI is an NFT-driven game powered by NFT avatars called "Gotchis". (Similar to Tomagotchi for those who remember!)

Inside the game you can buy and collect wearables for your gotchis, in the game you can find and collect items, build materials, and harbor your own land - just like any metaverse play

01:21 - 2:22

How does the GHST token work?

The idea is that you take an NFT, in this instance, the ghost avatars, and wrap them around cryptocurrency (this can be ETH, DAO, POLY) and this unit acts like a digital piggybank in which you can earn yield. 

10:32 - 12:07

What are the tokenomics?

The most important thing to note is the overall equality GHST token aims to achieve. By doing so, there are no concerns from the pump/dump of whales, and the distribution remains constant and fair.

12:12 - 20:41


What is Farcana?

Farcana is a web3 game that is about to launch its token. It's a mix of traditional gaming and blockchain technology.

Is Farcana free to play?

Yes, the game is free to play, but there are in-game purchases that can be made with the Farcana token.

What are the benefits of buying the Farcana token?

the Farcana token is a good investment opportunity, as the game has a lot of potential and the token supply is limited.

What are the risks of investing in Farcana?

Some of the risks mentioned in the video include the competition in the market and the unknown tokenomics. It's a high risk/high reward sort of mentality, which means we must include the flip side to that coin: be aware you can lose a great deal, too.


Corrections to video:

1. FARCANA TOKEN SUPPLY is 5 Billion and NOT 50 Million as reported in the video. (more supply = less scarcity but good for the ecosystem).
2. FARCANA TOKEN DISTRIBUTION is 25% to investors and NOT 2% as reported in the video. (good news as not as much concentration)


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