Recently you may have noticed that our website is faster, more responsive and just easier to navigate. The reason for this is only ONE reason: We dropped GoDaddy as our hosting provider.

Why did we do this?

Well, it was an easy choice really. We couldn’t do ANY edits or our website and the theme that we use (OptimizePress) repeatedly told us that they have had serious issues with almost ALL GoDaddy users.

This isn’t to say that GoDaddy can’t work. I use GoDaddy for another website that has LIGHT traffic meaning 20-100 people per day use it. I think GoDaddy can handle that but this site has over 30,000 users and daily use is in the thousands so we have had numerous issues and it become unsustainable.

I cannot say this enough – if YOU have issues with your website and are using GoDaddy hosting then run, don’t walk to another hosting provider.

There are many out there but we went with SiteGround ( because of a solid recommendation from our theme provider as well as reviews and pricing.

As soon as we switched it was like night and day with what we were able to do. Pages loaded faster, we were able to do the edits on our site to get it updated and there was no slow down. Again, if your site is small and has little to non-existent traffic then stick with GoDaddy as you probably don’t want more work for yourself to transfer your site over (although SIteGround offers a free site transfer service that is painless).

However, if your site has thousands of users per day then this would be a better option.


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